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Clearview AI is a new research tool used by law enforcement agencies to identify perpetrators and victims of crimes.

Clearview AI's technology has helped law enforcement track down hundreds of at-large criminals, including pedophiles, terrorists and sex traffickers. It is also used to help exonerate the innocent and identify the victims of crimes including child sex abuse and financial fraud.

Using Clearview AI, law enforcement is able to catch the most dangerous criminals, solve the toughest cold cases and make communities safer, especially the most vulnerable among us.

In the news

Watch Founder and CEO Hoan Ton-That demonstrate the technology and dispel misconceptions about Clearview AI.

"Clearview AI is hands-down the best thing that has happened to victim identification in the last 10 years. Within a week and a half of using Clearview AI, [we] made eight identifications of either victims or offenders through the use of this new tool."

Detective in the Sex Crimes Unit
Law Enforcement


Clearview AI helps law enforcement to accurately, reliably and lawfully identify criminal suspects, as well as the victims upon whom they prey.

Clearview AI's image search technology has been independently tested for accuracy and evaluated for legal compliance by nationally recognized authorities. It has achieved the highest standards of performance on every level.

How Clearview AI Works

Public information only.

Clearview AI searches the open web. Clearview AI does not and cannot search any private or protected info, including in your private social media accounts.

Search, not surveillance.

Clearview AI is an after-the-fact research tool. Clearview AI is not a surveillance system and is not built like one. For example, analysts upload images from crime scenes and compare them to publicly available images.

Stopping criminals.

Clearview AI helps to identify child molesters, murderers, suspected terrorists, and other dangerous people quickly, accurately, and reliably to keep our families and communities safe.

Independently verified for accuracy.

An independent panel of experts reviewed and certified Clearview AI for accuracy and reliability.

Full compliance with the law.

Just like other research systems, Clearview AI results legally require follow-up investigation and confirmation. Clearview AI was designed and independently verified to comply with all federal, state, and local laws.

Protecting the innocent.

Clearview AI helps to exonerate the innocent, identify victims of child sexual abuse and other crimes, and avoid eyewitness lineups that are prone to human error.

The Rise of Digital Predators

100x Increase in Sexual Abuse Imagery

In 2004, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reviewed 450,000 files depicting sexual abuse of children. In 2018, they reviewed 45 million files, a 100x increase.

Victims have a 25% higher risk of suicide

With a quarter of all sextortion cases leading to suicide or attempted suicide, the U.S. Department of Justice deems this crime "by far the most significantly growing threat to children".

78.3% of images show children under 12

According to a 2016 Department of Justice report to Congress, "The expansion of the Internet has led to an explosion in the market for child pornography."

In The News

Facial-recognition tech is a win for the little guy

"For all the hysteria over facial-recognition technology, the breathtakingly fast arrest of Larry Griffin II for prompting a major subway panic shows that the tech is a boon to law enforcement."

—New York Post
Have No Fear of Facial Recognition

"In another disturbing case, with explicit video, someone sexually harassed and extorted young girls. Police used facial recognition to identify 14 of 22 victims, who were carefully interviewed. They eventually identified the offender."

—Wall Street Journal
We Tested Clearview AI's Facial Recognition App

"He demonstrated the technology and described himself as "honored" to kick off a broader conversation about facial recognition and privacy. He's eager to build a "great American company" with "the best of intentions" and wouldn't sell his product to Iran, Russia or China, he said. He claimed the technology is saving kids and solving crimes. And he said he welcomes government regulation."

Clearview’s Facial Recognition App Is Identifying Child Victims of Abuse

"In one case in Indiana, detectives ran images of 21 victims of the same offender through Clearview AI’s app and received 14 IDs, according to Charles Cohen, a retired chief of the state police. The youngest was 13."

—New York Times
Video Games and Online Chats Are 'Hunting Grounds' for Sexual Predators

"And so law enforcement officials from across the state took over a building near the Jersey Shore last year, and started chatting under assumed identities as children. In less than a week, they arrested 24 people."

—New York Times

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