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One-of-a-kind, web-based investigative platform

Clearview AI provides law enforcement agencies with investigative opportunities through the use of our research tool. Our platform includes the largest known database of 3+ billion facial images sourced from public-only web sources, including news media, mugshot websites, public social media, and many other open sources.

Agencies that use our platform can expect to receive high-quality leads with fewer resources expended. These leads, when supported by other evidence, can help accurately and rapidly identify suspects, persons of interest, and victims to help solve and prevent crimes.

How Does Clearview AI's Facial Search Technology Work?

Users can choose to import their own private, customized facial datasets such as mugshot repositories, customized watchlists, or any other facial database to have a comprehensive, unified platform for identity management. The technology also helps enable regional and nationwide collaboration.


Select and
your image


Matches from
public web sources
are displayed


Investigator carefully reviews information to advance their investigation


Results should then be carefully reviewed by the end-user to advance their investigation

Establishing Responsible Use

We realize the value of facial recognition technology as an effective lead generation tool for public safety and we do our best to ensure responsible use. We also understand law enforcement agencies need built-in compliance features for increased oversight, accountability, and transparency within their jurisdictions, such as advanced admin tools, as well as user-friendly dashboards, reporting, and metrics tools.

Image Enrollment Intake Form

A case number and crime type is required before each search and allows for better auditing, time-savings, and simple report generation.

Administrative Oversight

Every agency is required to have an assigned administrator that can see an in-depth overview of their organization’s search history to help deter and detect improper searches.

Usage Reporting & Auditing

Automated generation of statistical reports is available and meant to show agency specifics on how the tool is being used, as well as the ability to export a PDF version of the cases being worked on, including the option to download a report of the images and links associated with current searches.

What Our Platform Offers Law Enforcement

Access to the world's largest database of publicly available images, including online mugshots from those previously arrested

Lead generation that allow crimes to be investigated in a fast, efficient, and affordable way

Ability to import and create private, customized galleries such as mugshot repositories, customized watchlists, or any other facial database

Accurate searches, despite challenging image quality

Capability to collaborate with other agencies on a regional and national level